:: vacation???

as my exam juz finished last sunday (27 april 2007)..waaa.. this is my last exam for my degree program...i'm happy??...maybe.. but after i finished my paper i felt something that i'm gonna missing...and then i have to turn myself into really2 new world...new frenz..new enviroment...i hope i can cope wift all the new things in my life.

my sst (single service trainning) will be start at 2 jun... insyaAllah..so now is time for me to finished my PSM..hehehehe takde keje konon..keje melambak gilerr.... since my exam juz finish i'm really interesting in reading... juz to expand my knowledge more larger.... and the most important thing to avoid myself from doing bad thing.... i'm juz finished the book title "al quran saintifik" that was very interesting book...the book explain to me about the creation of the universe..human and some other makluk.... rase kerdilnyerr manusia bandingkan dengan ciptaan Allah yang lain....bile diceritakan letupan supernova kagumnyerr aku... insaf sekejap bace buku ni....now i try to finish book by the same writer (dr Danial) which is book title " tip-tip cermerlang dari Al-quran" bace buku2 macam ni ...rase insaf sangat...try la bace..it's benifited..)
:: long stopped

it have a long long2 time since the last time i wrote this blog....really missed to write...actually now i'm in my exam week....i'm already finished 2 paper and another 2 to paper to that is computer architecture n cryptography...

after my finished my computer security paper last afternoon i'm really had headache...pening wooo...seems like my head gonna crashed...so after going back from tun templer hall going to cafe to my meal for the buka puasa...i decided to puasa because i'm not stopping mauch since the exam week begin...so i'm getting worried of my bmi..huhuhuhu. after i arrived at my dorm i wash my clothes getting bathes..solat asar

after my solat asar i wished to take a nap but i'm not tired enough to sleep so that i going kak sue's room to waching tv...so sempatla aku tgk cindarella n bella. i watching bella until azan magrib...break the fast..solat magrib

actualy i decide to read computer architecture but when i'm going syazwani's room to study i'm become so ngantuk so i decided to sleep first...tapi kul satu br aku bgn....so what i'm going to tell u is i'm not study anything until now..huhuhuhuhu..what a disaster..

last evening i'm having short chat wift anis n tengku..talking about da exam paper...anis seems okey chatting wif me...but i don't noe sometimetime i felt a little bit terasa hati wif her..mmmm maybe i juz my feeling kot..mmm i realllyyyyy don't noe.

keylah i want to study achitecture..huhuhuhuhuhu...must have A for this subject..InsyaAllah.